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Richard Saunders at Walkern Gallery

Richard Saunders

Richard was born in 1946. He was haunted by surreal dreams as a child, many caused by fever through suffering childhood influenza. To him it seemed everyone in his family created art. His mother worked for Raphael Tuck, the greetings card manufacturers, his father was a keen amateur, and various aunts and uncles were, too. His older brother was also talented but gave up art to concentrate on science.

When he discovered surrealism in his teenage years, it became a lifelong obsession. Mere skill, design and colour were never enough. There had to be some other element. Imagination. Creativity. Surrealism!

His works were much appreciated by the cognoscenti and were included in various exhibitions including the Mall Galleries and one-man shows. The Duke of Bedford has one of his paintings in his collection.

However he painted too slowly to make a living from surrealism, so he turned to advertising to keep his family fed. Working his way up to Creative Director, he became a partner in a small agency. Now retired, he can return to his first love, surrealist painting.

He doesn’t try to explain his surrealist works, although at times he may have a hunch where the surreal thought originated. His surrealist paintings hold many secrets and don’t reveal these at a glance. Double or hidden images appear and disappear, shapes appear to shift and distort. Take time to view one of these works and you will be rewarded with a unique vision.

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Cleft or Chasm by Richard Saunders

Cleft or Chasm


Cornish Dream by Richard Saunders

Cornish Dream


Dilemna by Richard Saunders



Naiad of the Lake by Richard Saunders

Naiad of the Lake


Quarry by Richard Saunders



The Voyeur by Richard Saunders

The Voyeur


Work by Richard Saunders

By Richard Saunders

Over the Clouds by Richard Saunders

Over the Clouds

Work by Richard Saunders

By Richard Saunders

So Sang Freud by Richard Saunders

So Sang Freud

17 x 23


My Dear Watson by Richard Saunders

My Dear Watson

10 x 12