Walkern Gallery
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Granary Cottage, 56 High Street, Walkern, Hertfordshire SG2 7PG - 01438 860363

A Country Art Gallery and the Studio of Artist Stephen Lowe

Stephen Lowe

Situated in the conservation village of Walkern in Hertfordshire, Walkern Gallery exhibits a large selection of both fine and contemporary works by leading local and professional artists, with works in oils, acrylics and watercolours. We also exhibit a good selection of sculpture with works in wood as well as cold cast items and bronze works. Lovers of glass or ceramics will not be disappointed either with a selection of blown glass, hanging glass and ceramic works as well as stoneware and thrown pottery usually being exhibited.

The Gallery is open daily by appointment only between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. Gallery visitors are asked to use a face mask and can be assured that there will be no other visitors during their appointment. There is no obligation to buy!

To date, some 60 artists have displayed work at Walkern Gallery and we usually have at least 200 individual works of art on show at any one time.

Current Exhibitors

Click on any of the artist's photographs below to view a gallery of their work.

The site content is reviewed and updated on a regular basis and sold works are marked with a red dot in the bottom right hand corner of the image. Please do check with us first though to confirm availability before planning a visit.

Although we strive to ensure that the photographic images on this site are as accurate as possible it is often difficult to reproduce on a web page to be viewed on many different screens and devices, with different resolutions and colour casts, the subtle tones, textures and colours of many of the exhibited works.


Works by Stephen Lowe

Stephen Lowe

Works by Trevor Chamberlain

Trevor Chamberlain

Works by Carol Mountford

Carol Mountford

Works by Maria-Luisa Wilkings

Maria-Luisa Wilkings

Works by Robert Boenke

Robert Boenke

Works by Rod Shone

Rod Shone